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7 Must-Have Car Gadgets and Accessories for Trip

  • April 5, 2022 1:21 PM +06

    Whether you’re going away for the weekend or planning a month-long holiday, going on a road trip with your family can be a particularly trying experience, especially if you have young children that are difficult to keep happy and entertained. Thankfully, there are many simple and affordable car gadgets that could make any drive more pleasurable, while also helping to increase the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Here are some of the best car accessories that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest:

    A back-up camera

    Visibility is often an issue when reversing vehicles, which makes back-up cameras some of the most important safety features every car should have. This gadget is even more vital if you have small children who like to run around the car when you’re backing up. So, if your car didn’t already come with a rear camera installed, it would be best to get one fitted before your family road trip. A back-up camera will give you more security and some essential peace of mind when driving and reversing your vehicle.

    A handy phone mount

    Another gadget that’s not only useful, but also an important safety aspect, a phone mount is undoubtedly worth investing in. You can’t actually go on a road trip without a GPS for directions, and it’s never a good idea to hold your phone while driving – apart from being a distraction, it’s also illegal in most places. So, save yourself the trouble, and mount your phone on the windshield in front of you, to avoid taking your eyes off the road. It might also be wise to opt for a versatile mount that could easily grip either a phone or a GPS device, for added practicality.

    Private car plates

    In case you are having trouble finding your car in big car parks, it might be a good idea to invest in private number plates that will make your car more distinguishable and easier to spot. But apart from being an efficient way to help your vehicle stand out from the rest, private plates can also be a good investment, particularly if you own one of the most sought-after number and letter combinations. While making your car more recognizable, a private plate will also lower the chances of your vehicle getting stolen, as criminals don’t typically go for easily identifiable vehicles.

    A rooftop cargo box

    When traveling with a family, chances are your car will be filled with people and all of their luggage, making space a precious commodity that’s not always available. For that reason, it would be recommended to fit your vehicle with a rooftop cargo box that will provide you with much-needed additional storage space, and make packing a quick and simple process, especially if you’re planning a long-haul road trip with your family.

    A backseat DVD player

    If you’re going on a longer road trip with children, particularly young ones, a DVD player is absolutely essential for a calm and enjoyable drive. All you need to do is load up some of your kids’ favorite movies and TV shows, and there’s no denying they will be entertained during the whole car ride. While car DVD players are now popular enough that a lot of new vehicles might already come with screens installed, there are also a lot of aftermarket options available in case your car doesn’t have one.

    A USB car charger

    A USB charger for your car is a useful gadget that can always come in handy, but especially during family road trips when you drain your device’s battery while using GPS for navigation, playing music or even letting your kids play video games and watch movies. When buying a car charger, it might also be wise to choose a multi-channel one, which will not only allow you to charge two or more phones at once, but also other devices, such as tablets and e-cigarettes, giving you the opportunity to go through even a long-haul drive with fully charged devices.

    Car-friendly snack trays

    A car snack tray is another essential accessory that will help you easily survive a road trip with young children. As chances are high you’ll prepare lots of drinks and snacks to help minimize long-drive crankiness, a snack tray will give your kids a firm surface for eating and drinking, allowing you to keep your car as clean and tidy as possible. What’s more, a tray like this could also give your kids a place for playing with toys, helping to keep them entertained throughout the whole trip.

    The next time you plan on going on a road trip with your family, consider these handy gadgets and accessories that will help make your drive safer, more enjoyable, and that much more memorable.

  • May 31, 2022 6:05 PM +06

    Road trips are one of life’s most wonderful experiences. But as with any getaway or travel adventure, preparation and planning go a long way to assuring you have a memorable, stress-free time.

    From simple phone holders to rooftop car tents, there are so many car gadgets on the market to make your next road trip a fun, smooth, and memorable affair.

    So, fasten your seatbelts, as we take a grand tour through top car gadgets for road trips. Get ready for a road trip in comfort and style!

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