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How to solve Dell Printer Error Code 077-900

  • September 2, 2019 2:23 PM +06

    Do not get bemused hearing about Dell Printer Error Code 077-900? It is nothing but a simple paper jam error, which can be solved manually within minutes. If you want further assistance, you can also connect with dell customer service number.

    • Unplug the power cord and the USB cable from the printer and switch off the device.
    • Remove all the loose papers from the input tray first and then take out the stuck pieces carefully.
    • If there are any foreign objects in the tray, remove them too.
    • After that, carefully pull out all the papers from the output tray.
    • Last, open the Carriage Access Door and take out any paper stuck.
    • Plug the power cord and USB cable back and print a test page to see if the error is resolved.


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