Tips for Preparing to Move Out of a Rental Property


So, finally you are moving out of a rental property and shifting into your own new house/apartment in Pune. Well, first of all congratulations to you as you are moving into one of the biggest and beautiful cities of India. Pune is one of the largest cities of India where you will find people from different parts of the country apart form local residents. Not only this, Pune has always been a center of attractions of foreigners and NRIs also. So, if you are also moving into your new house in Pune then, there are many things you need to do and take into consideration especially if you are moving out of a rental property.


Well, moving out of a rental property is not an easy task there are certain obligations for moving out. So, let's discuss about the things you require to do for moving out of a rental property.


Notify your landlord

A minimum notice of 30 Days must be given to the landlord. A 30 days notice in writing is a standard procedure. This gives the landlord or the management company an adequate time to find the right tenant for filling the apartment you are soon going to leave.


Clean before you leave

Cleaning cost and unpaid rents are the top reasons why amount of security deposits withheld by the landlords. So, you should clean the house before you leave to get refund of your security deposit.


Clear all remaining rents

Make sure you have paid all your rents and if there is something remaining or due to pay then, you should immediately clear all the balance. If you are paying it by check which will take few days to clear then, pay it in plenty of time so that by move out day all the money will get cleared.


Make repairs

The main reason was taking security deposit from you is to cover all the repair costs of damage to the property done by you. The landlord has the right to deduct the maintenance and repairing cost from the security deposit. This way you may have to pay a large amount of money. So, it is better to make repairs by your own hiring a handyman. They will charge you a reasonable price and you will definitely get your deposit back.


Find a home

You have to give 30 days notice to your landlord that you are moving out. And you must find a place or home where you can live. If you have already own a house then, you can start renovating your new home and if not then, make sure you have find a new home within the notice period

Get your rental deposit back

When you rent a property then, you have to paid one month's rent as the security and as long as the house is in the good condition, you should get your deposit back without any problems. The landlord has the right to deduct for maintenance charge from your rental deposit. Another thing that landlords do with the security deposit is adjusting it in the last month's rent. This means you don't need to pay for the last month.


Moving out of a rental property is not an easy task you have to do the above-mentioned things before moving out. After doing these things book a reliable packers and movers Pune to supervise your move so that you can enjoy safe and hassle-free relocation under the supervision of professional and experienced movers and packers.


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