Best Oils for Your Hair

Ever wondered why your hair gets less easy to manage, more frizzy, and generally drier after a good wash?  You’ve tried hair products for natural hair, moisturizing shampoos, and you still feel like your hair could be even better? Many soaps and shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils, and it’s those oils that smooth the individual strands of your hair, lock in moisture at your scalp, and prevent breakage. But the oils that our hair naturally generates aren’t ideal; you’ve seen the damage before if you ever went weeks without washing. Natural oils also don’t smell the greatest, and they can make your hair look limp, and greasy.

So, how can you get the best of both worlds? Healthy, lustrous hair, whilst maintaining hygiene and good volume? The answer is to apply essential oils that promote hair health even better than your body’s natural oil. (You  may also want to try a sulfate-free shampoo). In this article, we’re going to explore the best oils for hair.



Argan Oil

If you’ve ever asked about the best oils for hair, then chances are you’ve heard about Argan Oil. Chock full of Vitamin E, Argan Oil makes a perfect hair treatment for promoting softer, yet stronger hair. Argan Oil is produced by the kernels of the Argan tree, and has long been used both cosmetically and medicinally. A bottle of Argan Oil at home can both moisturize your hair, and heal burns and flakey skin!

If you’re looking to use Argan Oil on your hair, here are our tips:

You can use Argan Oil-based shampoo! If you have particularly dry, damaged and brittle hair, or are recovering from bleach and hair dyes, then an Argan Oil shampoo is for you. Incorporate this shampoo into your washing routine to gradually promote hair strength.

Finish off your hair washing routine with Argan Oil as a leave in conditioner. Pure Argan Oil is a miracle replacement for your usual off-the-shelf leave in conditioners. Argan Oil is silky, not greasy, and it absorbs evenly and quickly into wet hair. It leaves no clumpy or sticky residue, so your hair is left smooth, and easy to style. Try out Bamboo’s Pure Argan Oil, straight from the source in Morocco!


Coconut Oil

Whether people are eating it, moisturizing with it, or treating their hair with it, there’s a reason that coconut oil is fast becoming an average household staple. Coconut oil is undoubtedly one of the best oils for hair, as it’s proven to promote faster hair growth, detangle unruly hair, and provide a moisturizing base for hair dyes – all whilst smelling ridiculously delicious. Rich in antioxidants, coconut oil is also antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, ensuring a healthy hair ecosystem when applied regularly. Whether you’re treating a fungal scalp condition, or trying to grow out your hair, coconut oil can replace most – if not all – of your day-to-day hair products. Here are our favorite ways to get the most out of coconut oil when it comes to hair care:

Trying to grow out you hair, but feeling impatient? Try massaging about one teaspoon worth of coconut oil into your scalp for five minutes, three times a week. Massaging coconut oil into your scalp will encourage blood circulation at your roots, and thus kick hair growth into the next gear. If you have dandruff, follow this same process, and leave the coconut oil as is to absorb into your scalp. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins E, and K, which both fight against skin flakiness.

Are you all tied up in knots? Warm up a small amount of coconut oil between your palms, and smooth it out into tangled areas in your hair. Work from the bottom of your hair, slowly upwards, using a wide toothed comb as you go. If applied correctly, and left to absorb, the coconut oil will act as a protective barrier around each individual strand of hair, minimizing tangling in the future, as well!

Ready to reap the coconutty goodness? Try out Sky Organic’s cold pressed coconut oil!


Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is full of the necessary proteins, minerals, and vitamins that help hair grow, and strengthen. To get the most out of it’s jam-packed nutrients, apply warmed up grapeseed oil as a conditioner.

After shampooing, run the warm oil from the roots of your wet hair, to the ends. Step out of the shower for about 20 minutes; allowing the oil to fully absorb. Then rinse for a glossy, non greasy finish! If grapeseed oil’s lack of fragrance is not ideal, try mixing in a drop or two of lavender oil (or any essential oil of your choice) before applying it to your hair. For a high quality, and pure grapeseed oil – make sure that’s it’s cold pressed. Try this one by Life-Flo!


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it the best oil for hair when it comes to detoxifying your hair follicles. Apply a small amount of tea tree oil to your scalp and roots, then massage generously.

The tea tree oil will help to unclog the pores on your scalp; reviving the follicles, and encouraging circulation for faster, and stronger hair growth. Tea tree oil is also great to have in your cosmetic and health toolbox at home, as it can be applied post wax to help with redness and preventing infection. The smell also keeps unwanted critters at bay, if anyone’s trying to get rid of, or prevent lice. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to an unscented shampoo to reap the benefits on a more regular basis. Try Radha’s pure tea tree essential oil.


Avocado Oil

Avocados are not only delicious; they are also jam packed with healthy fats, making their oil one of the most nourishing for skin and hair. Whether you’re wanting to tackle dandruff or heat-damaged hair, avocado oil can lubricate and repair even the thirstiest follicles and strands.

Try this concoction for an intensive treatment: To a couple tablespoons of avocado oil, add a teaspoon of honey and a single egg white. Mix thoroughly before applying like a leave-in conditioner to wet, or damp, hair. Let it soak in from between 10, and 20 minutes, (depending on the volume of hair) before rinsing with warm water. You should be left with a shiny, and well-cared-for ‘do. Try Now’s pure avocado oil for your own luxury treatment.


Olive Oil

Good enough for your belly, and definitely good enough for your hair care regimen, olive oil is full of good fats and antioxidants. It’s those antioxidants that help detoxify the hair and fight premature aging (which in hair terms can mean hair loss and breakage).

For a quick once-over with olive oil for a sheen that will make everyone jealous, try applying a small amount to the ends of your dry hair. Work it up to your roots, then use a blow dryer on a low heat to encourage quick absorption. You’ll be left with cascading, glossy locks. Try an olive oil specific to cosmetic use, such as this one by African Pride.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is often touted as a miracle serum for clear skin and healthy hair, and if you’re the type with sensitive skin, then jojoba is one of the more hypoallergenic oils out there for you to use.

The molecular structure of Jojoba oil mimics that of the natural sebum that your skin produces; making it a gentle oil for treating your scalp, and even face. Try using an organic jojoba oil, like this one by Leven Rose, and massage a small amount into your scalp and roots. Leave it in for 20-30 minutes before hopping into a warm (not hot!) shower to rinse it all off. Use any spare jojoba oil as part of your skincare routine to get the most out of this product.

PRO TIP: Try the JoJoBa inspired hair care line by Amazon Series. We especially love their hair masque! Yum!


Almond Oil

Great for thin hair, Almond oil is lighter than others in this list, and is therefore better suited to paler, less voluminous ‘dos.

One of the benefits of almond oil, and a few other oils on our list, is that you can use them on your skin and even your face. Get a fully moisturized face that radiates! While some people will be able to apply the oil on their face before bedtime, many people will experience a breakout with that length of moisturizing time. Instead, experiment with shorter times to make sure you skin can tolerate.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is often used by sufferers of hair loss; with claims that it can increase hair growth by up to three times the normal rate.

Apply castor oil slowly from the scalp to your ends, before putting on a shower cap and bingeing a Netflix show for a few hours. Afterwards, simply rinse and towel dry. Your follicles should be reinvigorated, ready to grow long and strong hair!

Not everyone will love the smell of this one, so make sure you rinse thoroughly after use.


Canola Oil

An oil you’re more likely to find in the pantry rather than the bathroom, Canola oil is a great affordable alternative for an oil that mitigates hair loss, and moisturizes the scalp.

And we already know you’re wondering…can I just use the canola oil in my pantry? I mean, yes, you can. However, it is recommended you go with a canola oil that wasn’t intended just for cooking. 


Aloe Vera Oil

More a gel than an oil, aloe vera isn’t just for healing burns, it also makes a fantastic, refreshingly cool conditioner when mixed with a little water, and a fragrant essential oil of your choice.

If you’re looking to up the ante on your hair care routine, make sure to try these best oils for hair! When it comes to fighting frizz, dandruff or hair loss/breakage, oil is a must-have in your hairstyling arsenal.